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Have you ever had a bad shopping experience?

We have all been stung at least once shopping. Here is a recent sting that we experienced while shopping.

Trademate offered a product to which appeared to be credible and we wanted to buy it.  The product looked good, the verified ratings looked good and their 30 days 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee looked good!

We made our purchase only to discover that there was a minor problem.  So we decided to create a support ticket on their system.  After adequate time for support to reply, there was no response and we canceled the order.

We checked our Paypal account for the credit, but nothing was returned.  After several follow-ups including making them aware that we were completing a review, there was no response.

Most consumers would let this go because of the enormous hassle of chasing the vendor, Paypal, and maybe the credit card company who would put it back to Paypal!

Better-is-Possible2-1.pngLet’s do some quick math to understand what is happening.

1 purchase = $25 to $75

average $50.00

10 people per day = $500

On average,  they are making a very good income and we have been scammed!

All in all, it is a painful process to try to get your money back even when there are “supposed guarantees”.  Who can we trust?

It is better to be safe than sorry!

There are no guarantees, even when guarantees are advertised.  They mean nothing unless the outfit (seller) stands behind them.

Our job is to research and evaluate to see if they do stand behind their guarantees and continue providing good to excellent customer service.  

It sounds simple but it is a lot of work.  The ones that we publish are only a handful compared to the numbers, that do not qualify.

Surprisingly to us, there are very well-known brands that would not pass our customer satisfaction standard.

Those published have historically proven to be reputable.  And that is a prediction as to their future behavior based on their past performance. 

Today, information is scattered and misconstrued across the internet.  We know that ratings and reviews are being fudged.  Because of that, we will always continue to monitor our partnerships.

These are real problems that can be managed because better is possible!

10 benefits to shopping here:

    1. You will only find good to excellent companies here!
    2. We have completed the evaluating and ratings qualification process for you!
    3. Each affiliate partner agrees to a money-back guarantee or will clearly mark it otherwise.
    4. Every affiliate partner provides its own customer services, support, and policies. Not us!
    5. All “Comments” go directly to our Smiles-Rating Manager, not the affiliate partner.
    6. Each shop has a profile with a description that we provide you as a tool to make informed choices.
    7. All email and personal information are not shared or sold by us.
    8. Compliments, comments, challenges, and sharing, can be posted on the Service with a Smile’s® Member’s Blog, a public forum.
    9. You can use coupons and promotional discounts as you have always done.
    10. Go Shopping with a Smile® adds up to convenience and a safer way to go shopping!